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Who we are

Titian-tech Solutions is an Ahmedabad (India) based firm, providing services in the field of Software Testing and Quality Assurance, that focuses on high quality & reliable solutions to its clients. We offer a wide range of Testing and QA Services, which our customers can benefit from, by choosing the service(s) which suit their needs the best.

We offer specialized testing and QA services at extremely affordable rates, allowing product companies to lower their QA costs and at the same time, perform rigorous testing of their products and improve the overall product quality. Our aim is to help product companies in developing excellent quality products, which their customers can benefit from.

Note: We are NOT affiliated or connected in any way to "Titian Software Limited" based in the UK (http://www.titian.co.uk) or to Titan Technology Solutions" based in the Ireland (http://www.titan-ts.com).

Download our Introduction in PDF format. You can also view it on slideshare.